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The recession has hit everyone hard, including me. I needed to safe guard my car with an auto warranty. I appreciate my representative, Dexter White. He made everything understandable for me which made my decision easy. Your site is fantastic and easy to follow. Thanks for everything.

Jacqueline B.Linden, NJ

Dear Carchex, Your customer service rep Ryan has been fantastic. He gave me a quick and easy to understand quote that allowed me to quickly compare what the dealership was trying to get me to take and what he could do. He was able to beat them on all points, more coverage 48K and 4 years, compared to 24K and 2 years, and was able to finance it with no interest rate. By not rolling this into the loan of the car and paying the high interest rate I was able to save alot of money. He was just exceptional and your product is a definite win-win. I will be thrilled to recommend Carchex to anyone and everyone I know, or even hear about trying to buy a car. I would hate to have anyone take the dealership offer for lack of knowing about you. THANK YOU. THANK YOU for everything you did for me and for doing it so quickly that I was able to turn down the dealer but still have protection. Sincerely,

T. BronsonAurora, CA

Eric, Just a quick note to say thank you for your assistance today with the purchase of an extended warranty for my “new-to-me” Cadillac. It is always a pleasure to deal with knowledgeable professionals who are good at what they do. Looking forward to the follow-up paperwork and a continuing relationship with your company. Regards,

Bill S.Trenton, NJ

Thank you Mr. Blair Forte for you prompt response, and for taking time explaining your company's warranty options for our vehicle. It was important for me to send this note to you regarding our doing business. I want you to know that it came down to a matter of dollars and cents in terms of what we could afford, and that was what prevented us from proceeding. At the same time, I think that is relevant that I mention that your professionalism was exemplary. I can tell you that my conversations with 2 or 3 other vendors that day paled in comparison with our dialog. For me personally, although I was being presented with a product, at no time did I feel like I was being beaten over the head. It was straight forward, relevant, and informative. As I said, when I spoke to you earlier, the products you offered I'm convinced are solid. If it was just that and your sales demeanor alone that lead to a decision, I would have signed up. Please keep up the great work. I wish we could have done business. However, because of you, CARCHEX will be on the list to call if the need arises in the future. Best Regards,

Andy R.Forest Hills, PA

Andre, I just wanted to tell you thank you for your service and that i really appreciate you looking out for my best interest. I truley believe that I recieved a great deal along with the confidence that I am in good hands. You made me feel comfortable and special, I feel like Im the only one with this neat warranty. L.O.L. Even though that may not be true. You made me feel like i made the right the first time around and that there is true customer service............ I will sure to spread the word. Thanks

Mr. Anderson,

Hi Stephanie, Thank you for all your help and the information you provided. I am truly glad I called you. Taking the time to educate me prevented me from making a costly mistake. You will get my recommendation to any one that needs or thinks they need extended coverage. Tell your boss (he or she) needs to do everything in their power to keep you there, a raise, more leads, extra vacation time (as long as you take a cell phone and a computer with you) lol. You are my hero, because of your honesty, passion and genuine caring. Taking the time to educate me prevented me from making a costly mistake and I saved a lot of money as a result. Thank you again for all you've done for me.

M. CoplanWeston, FL

Greg, Please let your supervisors know how wonderful you have been to me. I appreciate the kindness and effort on your part or get me the best deal possible. Thank you and I hope to refer other business to you. Thanks again.

Kris Z.St. Augustine, FL

Will, Just a quick note to thank you for such outstanding service in the purchase of my new extended warranty. Not only did you answer all my questions thoroughly, but you did it with a smile in your voice and a “no pressure” approach. CARCHEX is lucky to have you as an employee. You set the bar high for others!!

M. JohnsonBloomington, IL

I recently purchased a 36 month warranty from George Robinson and wanted to comment on the excellent and thoughtful way Mr. Robinson discussed my contract, gave me suggestions, and let me think out the implications and issues of the warranty. You have a really excellent and very dedicated salesperson in George. He followed up my call when my warranty was due and made really excellent suggestions. It is a pleasure to work with him as this is sometimes a treacherous field full of companies that don't follow up and are simply in the busines to sell and not do follow-up or after service.

FredericHonolulu, HI

We run a 6 bay service center in Seminole County and have always had a good experience with the CARCHEX warranty providers. Their claims people know what they’re doing and payment is always a fast and easy process. For me, it’s all about keeping the customer happy and good claims people and fast payment is the name of the game.


I just wanted to pass along some praise for your sales rep Rich. He was extremely knowledgeable, professional and patient with both me and my husband as we looked at the different warranty options for our Civic and Odyssey. We eventually chose two Platinum plans that have great coverage! It was a pleasure doing business with Rich and we will definitely recommend CARCHEX to others.

Maggie W.,

I have had my warranty for about 5 months and unfortunately I had some problems with my 2003 Mercedes SL500. I took it to the dealer and they contacted your administrator of the Policy, Royal. An inspector was sent out to verify the work that needed to be done within 24 hours and the car needed approx $2,500 worth of work on the suspension. Within 36 hours the work was authorized in full and the repairs were made. Total cost to me was my deductable of $100 I must tell you that I was surprised and very pleased with the service and the way the claim was handled. Not only was the problem repaired 100% but the dealer found some other parts that were wearing out and those were taken care of as well. It is unusual for a warranty company to do what they say... Congratulations to you and your staff for everything that you promised me when I bought the policy was in fact, the way it was handled.


Thank you so very much for being so helpful today! I decided to not go with the dealer - you are much nicer to deal with. I will go over these figures with my brother and decide if we are able to work this into our budget. I have included him in this decision because he is the one who has volunteered to help me to pay for the warranty or my car repairs should something happen. Finally I am able to see it written out here so we can see it. Please tell your supervisor/manager that I say you are the BEST! Very accommodating and very easy to work with. You state the facts without being high pressure, and it made my decision to NOT go with the dealer who only gave a brochure but not these kind of choices! I am such a detailed person I cannot just "trust" them without seeing more.