Did you sell your vehicle or are no longer interested in your extended warranty? Here’s all you need to know about cancelling an extended warranty policy.

Video Transcription:
Cancelling an extended warranty policy is a pretty easy process. If you sell the vehicle or no longer have interest in the warranty you can contact CARCHEX. We will send out a cancellation form typically via e-mail. On the cancellation form there’s an e-mail address and a fax number. You can fax it back to us and we will cancel out your contract. We will contact the administrator of the contract and tell them it has been cancelled. We will contact the finance company, if indeed you are financing. So, we take care of everything for our customers. If, unfortunately, the contract is canceled by default with the finance company, we have a department here set up specifically for that particular situation. We can get the customer to get reinstated by contacting the administrator and contacting the finance company, that’s something we do on behalf of our customers. We do not ask our customers to go through that process.