How To Avoid The 7 Worst Winter Driving Mistakes

Winter driving means more hazardous roadways and requires more attentive drivers. Here are our top tips and reminders to get you and your loved ones safely to your destination, whether it's just to work or a few states away. Mistake 1: Relying on 4 wheel drive on an icy road Sometimes, when a car is [...]

How to Decorate Your Car for the Holidays

Looking to spread holiday cheer wherever you go this season? Decking out your car will keep your holiday spirit up during those stressful commutes, hectic trips to the mall (complete with frantic searches for parking) and holiday travel on busy roads. And that’s not to mention the joy that you’ll bring to everyone who sees [...]

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Eco-Friendly Driving Tips

Being conscious of how our everyday lives affect the environment is an important step towards protecting it. One of the most significant things we do in our everyday life that has a direct impact on the environment is driving. Our cars have a major impact on the environment and there are many things we can [...]

November 13th, 2013|Categories: Car Tips, CARCHEX, Road Trips And Activities, Safety And Driving Tips|

What’s Wrong with My Car? Translating Mechanic-Speak

When you take your car to the mechanic, do you ever feel like you need a translator to understand what’s wrong with your car?  Poor communication is a major cause of distrust, and often, frustration between mechanics and customers. Mechanics are trained to repair complex systems and speak in very technical terms, while the average [...]

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New Car Buying Guide

Buying a new car can be a challenging process. Between figuring out the right car for you, determining (and sticking to!) your budget, and interacting with dealerships, many people can become overwhelmed. Keep these helpful tips in mind and you’ll have a smooth and quick car buying process that will reward you with a car [...]

The Country’s Coolest Car Washes

Is getting your car washed just one more thing to add to your to-do list? Does hitting up your local car wash leave you watching the clock in a dull waiting room? Well, you might be in the wrong place. Check out our list of the coolest car washes across the country -- each one [...]

What Should Be in My Summer Car Emergency Kit?

While many of us prefer summer breezes to winter blizzards, extreme heat, humidity, and other summer weather can take a toll on your car. It is important to keep an emergency kit with items appropriate for the season in your car just in case. In this video, Pat Goss explains what you should always keep [...]

Summer Driving: What Time of Day is Best?

Myth: To save money during the warmer summer months, you should try to limit driving to early morning or later at night. Fact: If your car is in good condition, it doesn't matter what time of the day you drive. Video Transcription Well, that all depends on the coefficient of drag of the automobile, the [...]

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Driving in High Winds

This time of year can bring some extreme weather, including strong storms with high winds. What if you get caught driving in one of these storms? Think driving next to a large tractor trailer in high winds is the safest place to be? You might want to think again. Video Transcription Well whenever you’re driving [...]

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Convertible Maintenance

What is the one thing everyone overlooks when maintaining their convertible? Video Transcription Well, of course the outside of the top needs to be kept clean. Now there are different types of materials used in convertible tops so you have to follow the directions in your owner's manual for the type of material on your [...]

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