The Country’s Coolest Car Washes

Is getting your car washed just one more thing to add to your to-do list? Does hitting up your local car wash leave you watching the clock in a dull waiting room? Well, you might be in the wrong place. Check out our list of the coolest car washes across the country -- each one [...]

Car Lover Gift Ideas For Dads & Grads

June is here again. That means Father’s Day is right around the corner and graduation festivities are happening all month long. Don't know what to get the awesome dad or grad in your life? We've got a few ideas.. For Grads: Your new graduate is going to need reliable transportation to and from that new [...]

What Should Be in My Summer Car Emergency Kit?

While many of us prefer summer breezes to winter blizzards, extreme heat, humidity, and other summer weather can take a toll on your car. It is important to keep an emergency kit with items appropriate for the season in your car just in case. In this video, Pat Goss explains what you should always keep [...]

Summer Driving: What Time of Day is Best?

Myth: To save money during the warmer summer months, you should try to limit driving to early morning or later at night. Fact: If your car is in good condition, it doesn't matter what time of the day you drive. Video Transcription Well, that all depends on the coefficient of drag of the automobile, the [...]

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Driving in High Winds

This time of year can bring some extreme weather, including strong storms with high winds. What if you get caught driving in one of these storms? Think driving next to a large tractor trailer in high winds is the safest place to be? You might want to think again. Video Transcription Well whenever you’re driving [...]

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Convertible Maintenance

What is the one thing everyone overlooks when maintaining their convertible? Video Transcription Well, of course the outside of the top needs to be kept clean. Now there are different types of materials used in convertible tops so you have to follow the directions in your owner's manual for the type of material on your [...]

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Convertible Top Care

Convertible tops look great when a car is new, but they won't stay looking nice for long without proper care. Fabric, clear plastic and vinyl are far more delicate and vulnerable to radiation, acid rain, and the elements than painted surfaces. Sunshine can be especially damaging. Here are some tips from eHow to keep your [...]

How Do I Know if My Car has Pothole Damage?

What are the signs that my car might have pothole damage? Video Transcription Well, the things that you would feel or see, of course physical damage you could look at the tire you could look at the wheel and so on. You would also want to raise the car up in the air and look [...]

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When To Change Brake Fluid

Do you know when is the right time to change your brake fluid? Should you do it yourself? What type of brake fluid should you use? You have questions, Pat Goss has answers. Video Transcription Alright when do you change brake fluid, when do you flush the brake system? See essentially changing brake fluid and [...]

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Top 5 Scenic Spring Drives in the U.S.

Starting in March, the foliage across the country begins to come alive. As we move further into the spring, the weather starts to get warmer and the days get longer, creating for a perfect opportunity to take a spring road trip.  Here are five places across the country from MSN weather that have stunning views [...]

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