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Pat Goss' Vehicle Inspection Tips

Car Inspections Vary State To State

If you live in a state that requires routine safety vehicle inspections--such as New York or Pennsylvania--you are used to making an inspection appointment every 12 months. If you live in Ohio, routine inspections are not required by state law. If you drive in a state that requires yearly inspections, you must display your most recent inspection tag on the windshield. If you don't and you get caught, you are liable to face hefty fines.

Since car inspections are regulated by individual states, you should always investigate what's required in a state where you plan to move. Upon your relocation, you might be required to get an inspection done within a certain time period. The best way to find out what is required in a state is to contact its Department of Motor Vehicles. This search can easily be done online to avoid a long wait in line or on the phone.

Another great source of information about the vehicle inspection rules in a particular state is the website DMV.org. This site will also give you information about how to obtain a new driver's license and tags for your car when you move to a new state.

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