For  new or used car buyers who don’t like to haggle, Edmund’s offers an innovative solution. In 2013, the company rolled out its Price Promise Program which gives car buyers the price of the car up front and online. With participating dealers, the price is locked in for selected models. All you have to do is print out the promised price and go buy your car. It’s that simple.

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Satisfying A Need

Edmunds developed the Price Promise Program to address one of the biggest concerns cited by car buyers — not having access to an actual price. Having an instant, locked in price is a great relief to those car shoppers who find buying a new or used car stressful.

Edmunds leverages its wide network of car dealers to bring convenience and price advantages to any car buyer.

Positive Results

According to Edmunds, the program has been getting great reviews. Four out of five users say they are “very satisfied” with their experience. About 73 percent of customers who received a Price Promise quote said the price on the certificate was the same or lower than what other dealerships were offering.

Additional Benefits For Used Car Buyers

The Price Promise Program extends even more benefits to used car buyers. For every vehicle purchased under Price Promise, CARCHEX provides an extended 30 day/1,000 mile warranty and 12 months of roadside assistance.

The extended auto warranties cover:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Drive Axle
  • Electrical
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Air Conditioning
  • Fuel Delivery

The 24 hour roadside assistance includes:

  • Towing to the nearest qualified repair service facility
  • Flat tire change
  • Emergency gas delivery service
  • Battery jump service
  • Key lockout service

Simple Process

Price Promise is available online. Anybody can access the system and print out a guaranteed price certificate. The non-transferable certificate includes the make, model, vehicle identification number, price, and dealership information.

For used cars, once you confirm a Price Promise offer, you receive an Email that includes a confirmation certificate and instructions on how to activate the extended warranty. The offer is good for up to 15 days after vehicle purchase. CARCHEX handles any warranty claims, and participants receive an online declaration page they can print with all the necessary contact information. A simple phone call is all that’s needed to register any warranty claim.

Trust Price Promise

If you are in the market to buy a new or used car, make sure you take a look at Edmunds Price Promise Program. Save time and money, and reduce the stress of car buying.

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Published in Auto Warranty Articles by CARCHEX on August 11, 2015