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Road Trip And Extended Car Warranty Advice From CARCHEX

If you are planning to take a roadtrip make sure your vehicle is ready for any situation. One thing you might not want to overlook is repair coverage. Nobody wants to be stranded on the roadside, but with an extended car warranty your costs can be covered. Let’s look at how to get your vehicle ready for the road.

Car Maintenance Checklist Before You Travel

Some simple maintenance can save you from a big headache later. You should check:

A car breakdown can leave a dent in your wallet so it pays to do some preventative maintenance. Extended warranties cover many unexpected breakdowns, and you also get 24 hour roadside assistance and trip interruption reimbursement. Get a free quote on extended auto warranty coverage from CARCHEX now.

Things To Have On Board

A road trip can present situations that don’t come up in normal driving. You might end up a long way from civilization, so these things can come in handy:

Tell A Friend

Make sure you tell a trusted friend or family member where and when you will be travelling. Keep them updated by text messages. That way if you don’t arrive as planned, someone is looking out for you.

Pack Early

Don’t wait until the last minute to pack your stuff. If you stay up late to finish packing, you won’t get the sleep you need to stay alert driving. Pack a day or two in advance and get plenty of sleep the night before you travel.

Covered By A Warranty?

If your car is no longer covered by a factory warranty you should consider an extended vehicle protection plan. These plans pick up where the factory warranty ended. If you have a mechanical breakdown that falls under the coverage, the repairs are paid for.

Long distance driving puts a strain on your vehicle, so think about getting coverage before you drive. CARCHEX offers great deals on extended warranties. Get a free quote today.

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