Automotive warranties offer drivers peace of mind; however, some providers seek to profit off consumer ignorance. What’s worse, many companies engage in unscrupulous activities aimed at hurting their competition by confusing potential customers. If you’ve heard talk of a potential CARCHEX rip off, you need to hear the story of Todd.

Todd’s story

Todd is a smart guy. He wants to protect his financial future by securing a service contract that will insure against disastrous, unforeseen auto repair fees. Because he’s smart, Todd knows he should rely on a third-party warranty provider to help match him with the right plan. He’s heard good things about CARCHEX, but before he makes a final decision, he does a quick Google search that reveals posts regarding a supposed CARCH rip-off. Based on these reports, he decides to work with a different company.

About a year later, Todd’s car suffers a serious engine problem; however, when he tries to collect from his warranty provider, the company refuses to pay. Without knowing his rights, Todd is forced to pay the bills himself – something that would never have happened had he chosen to work with CARCHEX.

Who posted the negative CARCHEX reviews?

Many consumers are shocked to learn that competing automotive warranty providers frequently post derogatory information to sabotage their competitors. If you’ve seen a post regarding a supposed CARCHEX rip off, it may have been published by an agent working undercover on behalf of a competitor. How do you know this? Because CARCHEX has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The BBB has taken a good look at the way CARCHEX does business and likes what it has seen.

Don’t believe some random Internet post; ally with CARCHEX, a trusted warranty provider that has received the BBB’s highest rating.

Published in by site-admin on April 9, 2015