The Internet has a seemingly endless amount of content, and more is added on a daily basis. While much of web’s content offers important information to consumers; some of it is uploaded by unscrupulous companies looking to confuse and deceive. If you have seen a post or review centered on a supposed CARCHEX scam, learn how to identify the difference between authentic web content and deceptive marketing tactics.

Where does it come from?

Make no mistake: the car warranty industry is competitive, and many companies are constantly crafting new schemes aimed at out-dueling their competition. Often, dishonest companies will hire consumers to post fictitious reviews and complaints on popular automotive websites, forums and blogs. Typically, the authors haven’t even worked with the companies they are complaining about, but are only doing what they are paid to do.

Unfortunately, these deceptive marketing schemes can drive consumers away from reputable companies, such as CARCHEX.

Rely on a trustworthy source

Instead of putting your faith in a post you read on some random website, trust a prestigious business evaluator, such as the Better Business Bureau. The BBB has awarded CARCHEX with an A+ rating, because it has thoroughly evaluated the way we do business and is happy with what it sees. Instead of believing some anonymous complaint regarding a supposed CARCHEX scam, trust the BBB’s evaluation.

Published in by site-admin on April 9, 2015