The auto warranty business is a competitive one. While CARCHEX bases its success on providing customers with affordable, reliable service plans and top-notch customer support; other less reputable companies rely on deceptive sales tactics meant to profit from consumer ignorance. Since they can’t compete with honest providers, these companies often spread rumors by making fake Internet posts aimed at attacking their competitors’ hard-earned reputation. If you’ve read about a potential CARCHEX scam, read the following:

Consider the source

Before you trust the opinion of some nameless Internet author, check the facts. CARCHEX enjoys an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, because the organization knows we are an honest, reputable business. While other companies may claim to provide quality warranty options and considerate, timely customer support, CARCHEX has the backing of the BBB.

A trustworthy ally

While other warranty companies rely on misleading tactics aimed at harming their competitors’ reputations, CARCHEX lets its track-record do the talking. Our A+ BBB rating means you don’t have to worry about a CARCHEX scam. If you need a quality service plan for your car or truck, look no further than CARCHEX, a trusted ally that can supply you with affordable, reliable warranty options you can count on.

Published in by site-admin on April 9, 2015