CARCHEX complaints are extremely rare.  With many warranty providers, a simple search will list site after site of nothing but bad reviews and complaints.  When you look into the company further through the Better Business Bureau, you will find complaints, many of which are often unresolved.  The result is a bad rating from the BBB.  With CARCHEX, this is not the case.

CARCHEX has an excellent rating with the BBB thanks to few complaints and their dedication to solving any problems that arise.  Providing extended warranties means more than just providing policy details and requesting regular payments.  To ensure customers understand policy details and receive a pleasant experience when a claim is necessary, CARCHEX provides dedicated customer service.  Any questions can be answered quickly.  Any problems are solved fairly and to the customer’s satisfaction.


So what do the few CARCHEX complaints you see mean?  The most common is when a customer tries to have a component repaired, only to discover it is not covered.  It is not until they review their policy that they notice certain components are not included.  Every policy you receive from CARCHEX has clear details about which components are and are not covered. If in doubt, a member of their friendly customer service team will always be happy to discuss the policy.

Other CARCHEX complaints stem from voided warranties.  Some customers like to modify their vehicles using aftermarket parts.  This voids not only extended warranties, but manufacturer’s warranties as well.  Customers are advised to discuss modifying their vehicles with their warranty provider to fully understand the terms and conditions of their warranty.

Published in by site-admin on April 9, 2015