The Better Business Bureau, or BBB, is one of the nation’s leading organization for consumer protection, customer service, and customer complaints. They hold companies accountable for unethical business practices, misleading sales or marketing claims, and disregard for consumer rights. Consumers are welcome to file a complaint about a company, which the BBB will then impartially investigate and work towards settling.

To help consumers understand what businesses are trustworthy and reputable, the BBB grades businesses from A+ to F. Businesses don’t need to be a BBB member to be graded and membership in the BBB does not affect their grades. The video below explains what does affect a Better Business Bureau rating and how CARCHEX maintains an A+ rating.


Video Transcription

CARCHEX has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. What does that mean?

The Better Business Bureau grades business on a scale from A+ to F. Factors such as length of time in business, timeliness in response to complaints, and whether or not that complaint was resolved all factor into the Better Business Bureau rating.

CARCHEX currently maintains an A+ Better Business Bureau ranking largerly due to the fact that CARCHEX is responsive to complaints and, more importantly, CARCHEX resolves complaints.

Published in by site-admin on April 9, 2015