The auto industry has earned a well-deserved reputation for trickery and dishonest sales practices. Far too frequently, mechanics and dealerships seek to take advantage of consumer ignorance in an attempt to line their pockets with money. Unfortunately, numerous auto warranty providers also try to take advantage of clients by fooling them into purchasing unnecessary or faulty coverage. If you want protection from unmanageable repair fees, you simply must have a dependable warranty. If you want a service plan that provides the most coverage without deceptive contractual terms, you need CARCHEX rip off protection.

A reliable ally

To protect consumers from unscrupulous warranty providers, the Federal Trade Commission has created regulatory measures that prevent unwarranted denials in coverage. That said, few consumers know about these regulations – a fact dishonest companies count on. If you aren’t working with an honest, reliable third-party company, such as CARCHEX; you may have no choice but to accept whatever your warranty provider tells you.

How CARCHEX protects it clients

CARCHEX rip off protection is a term we use to describe the way we defend the interests of our customers by allowing them to view a variety of warranty options, without exposing them to dishonest providers. We’ve also developed an efficient micro-site dedicated to providing clients with timely, courteous support each and every time they need it. Additionally, if a CARCHEX client is ever denied coverage, we work on his or her behalf to find out if the provider is working within its legal rights or trying to pull some type of shenanigan.

Published in by site-admin on April 9, 2015