Service contracts offer protection against potentially catastrophic auto repair costs; however, a bad warranty can leave a car owner in a real bind. While some companies provide valuable coverage at affordable rates; others seek to profit off their customers’ lack of knowledge. Before you sign the first service contract you see, learn how CARCHEX scam help can save you from big problems down the road.

When providers play dirty

Many drivers are unaware that the U.S. government demands that warranty providers play fair with their customers. Strict regulations make it illegal for companies to refuse to pay for most every type of non-maintenance-related, non-wear-related repairs. That said, some companies rely on consumer ignorance as a way to scam their clients. Basically, if you don’t know about the federal government’s regulations; you’re not likely to complain when you are denied coverage – that is, unless you haveCARCHEX scam help.

CARCHEX scam help

You don’t have to pay extra to get protection from potential rip-offs. CARCHEX offers every single client courteous, knowledgeable customer service. If you are ever denied coverage, simply contact CARCHEX and ask us to look into the matter. We’ll determine whether the provider is playing by the rules; and if they aren’t, we’ll help you collect what they owe.

Published in by site-admin on March 21, 2015