At CARCHEX, scam is a dirty word.  Our top priority is helping keep you safe from those who only want to take advantage of you.  Your warranty should be something you feel good about buying.  With many providers only looking to scam you out of your hard earned money, you may worry about your purchase or hesitate before buying.  CARCHEX believes you should always receive the warranty you are promised, which is the warranty you are paying for.

While many scams are obvious, such as hiding any real details or information about the company, others are harder to spot.  With everyone trying to save money, the most common scam is the one promising a price you cannot refuse.  While it may look good at first, when you try to use it, you realize why it was so cheap.  Compare warranty costs with multiple providers.  Comparable cars should have comparable coverage and rates with only small variations between providers.

How Does CarChex Scam Protection Work?

CARCHEX scam protection works by keeping you informed of the latest gimmicks scam artists may be using.  We provide this information for free.  Some of the scams we often cover are those involving companies who try to reinvent themselves after being proved a scam.  Companies without a solid history should be avoided.  While new companies are not necessarily bad, companies that have had multiple name changes are likely to be scams.  Usually, each failed company has numerous complaints and a low BBB rating.  If there is a scam around, we will let you know.

Published in by site-admin on April 9, 2015