The automotive industry has a well-deserved reputation for dishonest practices and general trickery. All too often, dealers and mechanics take advantage of customer ignorance in an effort to line their pockets with cash. Unfortunately, some warranty providers also engage in misleading practices. If you want to protect yourself from costly repair bills, you need a solid service contract. If you want one that offers the most benefits without misleading terms, you need CARCHEX scam protection.

Having an ally

The Federal Trade Commission has implemented regulations that prevent warranty providers from refusing coverage based on frivolous reasons. Unfortunately, very few drivers are aware of these laws, and many simply throw up their hands when providers say no to their claims. If you’re not working with a reputable third-party warranty service, such as CARCHEX, you may be forced to accept whatever a provider says, whether it’s true or not.

How does CARCHEX protect its customers?

CARCHEX scam protection is a system we’ve set in place to provide our customers with the very best warranty options, while protecting them from dishonest providers. We allow our clients to access a variety of plans without exposing them to unreliable service contracts that come with tricky contractual language. We’ve also implemented a micro-site dedicated to addressing customer complaints in a timely, efficient manner. If you’re ever denied coverage, you can utilize this site to get knowledgeable advice from our expert support staff. We’ll also work on your behalf to find out if the provider is within its rights to refuse coverage; and if it is not, we’ll make sure the company covers your service costs.

Published in by site-admin on April 9, 2015