A CARCHEX warranty is not like other extended warranty programs you hear about.  With many other companies, you hear about scams, rip offs and hard to understand contracts.  As with any company, you should always purchase products from a name you can trust.  CARCHEX puts the needs of customers first, with customer satisfaction being a top priority.

The best warranty provider always allows you to read your contract in full before you agree to anything.  The quote should be hassle free, with absolutely no obligation or pressure to buy.  You also should not have to provide your entire life story for a simple quote.  All a provider needs is your name and information about your vehicle.  No financial or private information is necessary for the initial quote.  CARCHEX guarantees you receive everything upfront, including answers to all questions, before you ever think of buying.

CARCHEX Warranty Reliability

With over ten years in the business, a CARCHEX warranty spells reliability.  New companies or those without a clear history do not offer the type of long-term reliability that is necessary for a warranty provider.  When it comes time to turn in a claim, many people find their provider cannot fulfill their request.  Sometimes new companies close without warning, leaving you unprotected.

The history of an extended warranty provider should be carefully researched.  Check this along with their Better Business Bureau rating to determine whether a company is reliable or not.  The longer a company has been in business, the better they are at providing the services they promise.

Published in by site-admin on April 9, 2015