The CARCHEX promise is “Customer Experience Above All.” In everything we do, we put the customer first. From giving the customer unlimited time to review a potential extended car warranty contract, to directly connecting those with an issue to our CEO, at CARCHEX, the customer is #1.

Spencer, our Customer Retention Coordinator, is on the front lines of providing top-notch customer service. Everyday he speaks with customers and helps resolve their CARCHEX complaints and get to the bottom and any issues they are experiencing with their extended auto warranty. This is what “Customer Experience Above All” means to Spencer.

Video Transcription:
I can’t imagine a company in this industry having a greater level of integrity with our customer base. Customer experience above all means just that. We will go to the “Nth” degree to make sure that a customer we sold a contract to is fully satisfied with that contract. We will answer any questions that you have at the point of sale or during the life of the contract.

We have resources available to assist with claims if necessary. We have resources available to assist with any kind of financial issues if necessary. Above all, the customer should know that when they purchase a contract from CARCHEX, we just don’t sell you the contract and leave you on your own. Contact us at anytime to go over the terms of the contract and to consult with you on what is in your best interest.

Published in by site-admin on April 9, 2015