The web is full of content, and each day, millions of pages are added. While much of the Internet’s information offers valuable advice, a good portion of it is confusing and deceptive. If you have read anything referring to a potential CARCHEX rip off; it’s time to learn the difference between black-hat marketing and authentic reviews.

Who’s responsible?

The auto warranty business is highly competitive, and some unscrupulous companies will stop at nothing to gain some sort of advantage over their competitors. Many go so far as to hire individuals to post fake reviews on popular automotive message boards and forums, regarding fictitious issues associated with a specific competitor. More often than not, these reviewers haven’t even worked with the warranty company they’re posting about, but are only writing from a script. Unfortunately, this sort of black-hat marketing can cause great harm to reputable companies, such as CARCHEX, by prompting drivers to fear a supposed CARCHEX rip off.

Who can you trust?

Instead of giving credence to a random review authored by an anonymous writer, trust one of the most famous business evaluators in America: the Better Business Bureau. The BBB has awarded CARCHEX with an A+ rating, because it has taken a long look at how our company does business and is 100 percent confident that we do things the right way.

Published in by site-admin on April 9, 2015