The Internet is glutted with content, and every day more and more is added. While a great deal of the web’s information provides valuable tips to consumers, a lot of it is deceptive and confusing. If you’ve read about a potential CARCHEX scam, you need to know how to tell the difference between real reviews and black-hat marketing.

Who’s behind it?

The automotive warranty business is competitive, and many unscrupulous businesses will go to any lengths to gain an advantage over their competition. Many hire people to post false complaints on popular auto forums and message boards regarding made-up issues associated with one or all of their competitors. Usually, the authors of these posts have never even worked with the company they’re writing about, but are instead working from a script. Unfortunately, these despicable black-hat marketing techniques can have a chilling effect on the business of reputable companies, such as CARCHEX, causing many potential customers to turn away for fear that they may fall victim to a supposed CARCHEX scam.

What should you believe?

Instead of believing some random post written by some anonymous author, put your faith in one of the most prestigious business evaluators in the country: the Better Business Bureau. The BBB has given CARCHEX an A+ rating, because it has thoroughly investigated our company and is 100 percent confident that we do business the right way.

Published in by site-admin on April 9, 2015