CARCHEX takes pride in its commitment to providing the best auto warranties at affordable prices, but it’s most proud of its reputation for strong customer support. CARCHEX complaints are always addressed with care and courtesy. We strive to keep each and every one of our customers happy; and, on the rare occasion when a minor issue arises, we work diligently to rectify the problem.

Outstanding BBB Rating

The Better Business Bureau gives CARCHEX an A+ Rating. Why? Because it knows the company leaves no stone unturned when addressing customer concerns. If you are confused about a warranty plan, our knowledgeable service representatives will patiently educate you and inform you of each and every available option. If you’ve been denied coverage for a curious reason, our skilled staff will represent your interests and communicate directly with the warranty provider to make sure you are being treated fairly.

How we handle complaints

To make the complaint process more efficient, CARCHEX has developed a micro-site dedicated to serving its clients when they have issues requiring special attention. This platform allows clients to easily submit their concerns, so they can get quick responses from our dedicated support staff.

CARCHEX is proud of its A+ rating from the BBB and works tirelessly to maintain it. In short: CARCHEX complaints are handled exceptionally, and they always will be.

Published in by site-admin on April 9, 2015