CARCHEX complaints are not common.  The only common thing is complaints about less than reputable extended warranty providers.  CARCHEX has proven themselves as a reliable, stable and trustworthy warranty provider.  To help you find only the best providers, we research companies, scams, and common issues consumers have with extended warranty companies.

If you are worried about a particular company, we suggest you first check with the Better Business Bureau.  They are one of the most reliable ways to see how the company handles complaints.  Any complaints filed through them can be viewed by the public along with the company’s resolution.  You can also see whether the company is accredited and how the BBB scores them.  A high rating, ideally an A, speaks well of the company.  A low number of complaints, with most being resolved to the customer’s satisfaction, is even better.


What About CARCHEX Complaints?

 Occasionally, you will see CARCHEX complaints.  Sadly, it is not possible to please every customer.  The most common complaint deals with customers not reading their contract agreement in full.  They attempt to have their car repaired only to find out the warranty does not cover the component.  All details are clearly spelled out for customers to read before they buy the warranty.

The second most common complaint comes from voided warranties.  CARCHEX does not provide warranty coverage on aftermarket components.  This may void the entire warranty and is detailed in the contract.  Since these parts, which are not approved by the manufacturer, often cause extensive damage, a CARCHEX warranty requires you to not use them.

Published in by site-admin on April 9, 2015