‘CARCHEX complaints’ is a phrase you will rarely see.  In fact, you will typically see CARCHEX mentioned in relation to helping you avoid warranty providers known for their long lists of unresolved complaints.  We are dedicated to helping the consumer understand more about extended warranties while helping them avoid companies only looking to scam them.

With the help of our professional and friendly customer support team, any complaints are handled quickly and to the customer’s satisfaction.  With knowledgeable customer support always at the ready, CARCHEX complaints are pretty much non-existent.  Instead of questions turning into frustrations, questions are answered and concerns taken care of before they turn into complaints.


The best way to learn more about the few complaints CARCHEX receives is by visiting the Better Business Bureau.  With an A+ rating, customer satisfaction is a priority.  Businesses with a lower rating typically have quite a few complaints through the BBB.  Most complaints are caused by customers wanting repairs not covered by their policy.  A customer often finds they purchased less coverage than they needed or voided the warranty with aftermarket parts.

All policies are clearly written and provided before a customer buys to make sure there is no confusion later on.  While other companies try to force people to buy before reading a contract, CARCHEX believes details and honesty work best.  Though you may see CARCHEX and complaints listed together, odds are it is usually a new competitor trying to lure customers away to a scam instead of a legitimate warranty provider.

Published in by site-admin on April 9, 2015