Extended Service Protection

13Nov, 2014

Extended Service Protection Coverage

When your original car warranty expires, sometimes it’s a good idea to purchase extended protection coverage. This protects your investment should anything happen to your car that requires service.

When you purchase extended coverage, the type of coverage you get depends […]

13Nov, 2014

Information Needed To Purchase Extended Coverage

There is information you’ll need to have on-hand when purchasing extended vehicle protection from CARCHEX.com. Having this information ready when you first contact them will make the process much easier. So what kind of information do you need?

You will need […]

13Nov, 2014

Finding The Best Extended Service Protection

Most people may not know how to go about finding the best extended service protection for their vehicle. If you aren’t sure how to go about this, you can waste a lot of time looking through various extended warranty plans. […]

13Nov, 2014

Where To Get Your Car Serviced

Automobile warranties might make car owners nervous when they think about the confining service options that go along with car problems. Most people already have a place where they get their car serviced and don’t want to switch.

When you go […]

13Nov, 2014

Maintaining Your Car

Hopefully by now, you already know that purchasing an extended car warranty can save you thousands of dollars should a problem occur. You should also know that an extended warranty should not keep you from maintaining your car. It’s very […]

13Nov, 2014

Extended Warranties Increase Resale Value

One good thing to know is that the money you invest in an extended car warranty will not be lost should you choose to sell the car. Extended warranty coverage does not go away when you transfer ownership. When you […]

13Nov, 2014

Used Car Extended Service Protection Plans

Did you know that you can acquire an extended car warranty for a used car? This is a wise investment since it could save you money on covered car repairs that may be needed down the road. Buying a used […]

13Nov, 2014

Warranties And The Law

Each state has different rules for used car warranties. These laws protect buyers from purchasing cars with major mechanical problems. If a dealer is not aware of such problems, the buyer will still be protected. However, the number of days […]

13Nov, 2014

Warranties Galore

Most dealers will try to talk you into purchasing a warranty with your car. They offer different types of warranties, depending on whether you are purchasing a new or used car. This is beneficial to the dealer because it adds […]

13Nov, 2014

Warranty Costs

You can purchase extended car warranties through many different companies, all of which usually offer the “best” prices. You shouldn’t always buy the plan with the lowest price. You should invest in a plan that fits your needs for the […]