CARCHEX Vehicle Inspection Disclaimer

CARCHEX vehicle inspections (inspections) are based on what is seen and heard through the eyes and ears of our inspectors. You should understand that weather and light conditions, as well as the cleanliness of the vehicle both inside and out at the time of the actual inspection, can reduce the accuracy of the inspection, making things such as repainting and body work difficult to detect. For the most accurate inspection report, the vehicle must be clean, dry and well-lit at the time of inspection. CARCHEX inspectors do not clean or disassemble vehicles prior to or during inspection.

Moreover, you should understand that CARCHEX does not perform the same services that would be performed by a mechanic or professional photographer. Rather, CARCHEX’s services are similar to what you would see and hear if you were to inspect the car yourself and you had the same level of experience as our inspectors. However, many aspects of the inspection are subjective. In other words, the inspector is providing you with his or her opinion. If you were to perform the inspection yourself, you might come to a different conclusion than the inspector.

Subject to the remainder of this paragraph, each inspection is limited to the 155 points expressly stated in the inspection report, and to the reporting standards relating to each item (e.g., scratch, dings, chips, rust, yes, no, good, excellent). If you request an inspection of an item not included within the 155 points, the inspector will make a reasonable effort to inspect that additional item. However, CARCHEX does not guarantee that the additional item will be inspected. If reference to the additional item is not expressly included in the “Inspector’s Additional Comments” section of the report, you should assume that the item was not inspected. Similarly, if you request that a particular item be inspected to a certain standard of care or otherwise qualify an inspection item (e.g., please check the windshield carefully for cracks), the inspector will make a reasonable effort to comply with your request. However, CARCHEX does not guarantee that the item will be inspected to your specifications. Unless specific mention is made to the inspection item in the “Inspector’s Additional Comments” section of the report, you should assume that the item was only inspected in accordance with CARCHEX’s reporting standards. CARCHEX reserves the right to reject inspection requests in its sole discretion.

While CARCHEX’s inspectors try to test drive most vehicles during an inspection, they may not test drive a vehicle for a number of reasons. These reasons could include, among others, a refusal of the vehicle’s current owner to allow a test drive, weather conditions or accessibility of suitable test drive facilities. A test drive is not required for an inspector to complete an inspection report, and unless the inspection report specifically states that a test drive was conducted, no such test drive was conducted.

Changes in the vehicle inspected can occur and/or manifest themselves between the time a vehicle is inspected and when the vehicle is actually purchased, including, without limitation, physical and mechanical damage, wear and tear, owner modifications and/or substandard repairs. These changes may detrimentally impact the value and/or desirability of the vehicle. The likelihood of such changes occurring increases the longer the elapsed time between a vehicle’s inspection and purchase.

CARCHEX does not advise on the value of any vehicle we inspect or authenticate its origin. CARCHEX does not provide advice as to whether you should purchase or decline to purchase any vehicle we inspect. CARCHEX does not determine if a vehicle is emission compliant. CARCHEX does not provide advice as to whether a vehicle will perform properly.

The inspection report is subject to all of our Terms of Use. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully. In particular, please read Section 3 of the Terms and Conditions for important limitations on your remedies against CARCHEX in the event you are displeased with our inspection services and Section 5 regarding the mandatory arbitration provisions for disputes. Any guarantees or warranties implied or not on any vehicle inspected by CARCHEX are strictly between you and the seller of that vehicle.