The following testimonials are submitted by clients happy with our car inspection reports. We’re pleased to have provided such great service to these customers and look forward to providing you with equally exemplary service.

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Ok I would like to thank you for a job well done. I used carchex 2 times in past month and I could not be more happy on the outcome. The first was a car in Florida the dealer selling it said that is was a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 and after I had carchex inspect it turned out to be a 5 with Major problems. The second car was in Beverly Hills from a private party (Bill the carchex guy) took time to call me when done with inspection to let me know before posting that the car was in prefect condition and his report would say the same. I bought the car after Bills call. My wife and I caught a flight Sunday and picked up car. Bill was spot on it was everything he said it was and more. Thanks carchex and Bill.

Todd C. — Wilsonville, OR

Great service. I had questions for the technician that performed the auto-check and he responded promptly. He did a fantastic job!! Will utilize this service in the future, and recommend it to my friends as well…

Angela C. — Marysville, WA

Dear CARCHEX: I am writing to tell you that I am now a RAVING FAN of your company and your vehicle inspection service. I was purchasing a car out of state so I ordered an inspection online on Monday early afternoon. Time was of the essence so I emailed your company and a rep named Jaime Barry assisted me in getting an expedited inspection on Tuesday afternoon. Jaime was prompt and courteous in all her email communications. By Wednesday morning I had the written inspection and the summaries, photos, and evaluation were much better than expected. Based on the inspection I avoided purchasing a car that had been in an accident and repaired (without disclosure by the seller). I will definitley use CarChex again and highly recommend your service to others.

Michael L. — Raleigh, NC

Hi Brandon, thanks so much for getting this done by today. I really appreciate it. I have pre-prepared this testimonial for your services : I was in the market to import a Lexus RX350 from the U.S.A to Canada. I was very concerned about being so far away from the vehicle that I was interested in but Carchex really put my mind at ease. With their thorough analysis, excellent customer service and timely turnaround I managed to get the information required to make an informed decision. Thank you Brandon and the Carchex team for being my eyes and ears and for giving me the confidence to make this purchase. Your efforts can only be described as exceptional !!! Thanks again Brandon.

Davinder Atwal — Brampton, OT

Dear CARCHEX: We want to express our gratitude for your service. Who would ever think that you can shop for a vehicle on-line, find one out of state, and for a reasonable fee, have someone right there inspecting it like it WAS you! For the average person, this type of service was unthinkable a few decades ago. But now, this has made us rethink the whole vehicle buying process. Your rep in Warren MI, Dennis, received the order on Thursday afternoon and was there Friday mid-morning, at the agreed time. You can’t beat that, and that sped up the decision and purchase process. The summaries, photos, and evaluation are better than expected. We will recommend your service to others. Arthur and Angelia F. St.Louis, MO

Arthur and Angelia — St. Louis, MO

Hello! Your service is amazing! My car was inspected within an extremely short turnaround time frame. Although the car inspection revealed no major problems, it gave me such piece of mind know that it has been thoroughly inspected by a professional. I will recommend your service to all my friends! Thank you so much!

Marion M. — Greensboro, NC

I just wanted to thank CARCHEX (and your inspectors) for the great inspection report. I was buying a ’57 Belair that was in Maryland and I’m based in Australia. The car had been described to me a pristine with two small areas of rust. After reading your inspectors report we called the purchase off. The car had extensive rust and some very rough repairs. Thanks to your very thorough reports we saved ourselves from buying a very expensive lemon! Thanks again,

Marc G. — Perth, Australia

CARCHEX, I cannot thank you enough for saving me from making a HUGE mistake! This dealer has misrepresented the condition of the vehicle to the public and should be reported! I was planning on driving this car from San Jose back to Portland OR but because of the transmission problems you noted in your report I may not have made it out of the bay area! Thanks again CARCHEX, you probably saved me $4000 in transmission repairs! Sincerely,

Alex P. — Canby, OR

Just had to say thank you for not letting me make a $29,888.00 mistake. I’ve bought cars for more than that and less than that and would have bought this one on the info and pictures seller provided. If it was not for your inspection, this would have been my biggest mistake. I’m glad to know about you since I can’t always go and look at the cars myself. Once again, thank you. Now, don’t get all big headed and go up on your price. lol

Dale A. — San Jose, CA

Thank you for a very thorough and detailed inspection, I ended up buying the car after your inspection and actually I almost didn’t look at the car at the dealer shop because I was so confident with your report and the pictures where so illustrative. The dealer told me while I was signing the check, “aren’t you going to take a look at the car first?”… The dealer mentioned to me that the inspector spent a few hours checking and inspecting every detail and he was impressed with his professionalism and dedication. I am very happy with the Car and found out that the inspection was actually right on every detail. So please thank the inspector on my behalf. Its my first time using your service and I’m recommending it to my friends.

M. Barcenas — Pompano Beach, FL

Thank you Brandon!!! Fortunately, this is exactly why a service such as CARCHEX is SO valuable!!! This dealer completely misrepresented this vehicle, to which all of those misrepresentations were found by the individual who checked the car. Because of this, I was saved the horror of purchasing a “dream car” that quickly would have become a “nightmare car” for me!!!! I can’t say how appreciative I am and am already getting ready to schedule another inspection for a vehicle that is being sold by an individual seller. I assume that the process works the same way with an individual and am hopeful that this inspection will allow me to make a purchase based on solid data from your group. Please don’t hesitate to forward this note of thanks to whomever you see fit, it surely is a testimonial to doing your homework beforehand!!!! Thank you again and have a fantastic week, Jeff

Jeff — Kansas City, MO

Thank you very much for the report. Your detailed report helped save me time and money because it indicated several problem areas that weren’t disclosed by the dealer. This information is quite valuable, especially when making a decision via long distance. Great job!

John — , TN

Dear CARCHEX, You just completed an inspection for me on a Ford Excursion in Huston, Texas. I just want you to know how satisfied I am. Your inspector without saying that this car had been rear-ended stated that the right-rear had been repainted. He also reported that the rear doors/lock would not open. He could not open the rear tailgate. His excellent quality and positioned camera shots showed that the rear wiper had been taken off and not properly remounted. The clear coat paint was obviously pealing off of the tail gate. None of these facts showed up on the dealer pictures. There were many other aspects of the report that showed additional items in disrepair. I could have lived with some of them. But it was so very useful to know what I was getting into. However, I cannot live with a truck that has had the rear doors wrecked and will not open. I canceled my order and the dealer gave me my deposit back based on your report. I spent $100 with you and saved probably at least $3000-5000 in body work expenses. From now on, if I purchase any car, you will get a call. I am a believer. Thanks so very much for your speed and quality. Two factors that are very lacking in most endeavors now-a-days.

Norman — Pollock Pines, CA

Just wanted to say thanks to your company for an excellent and thorough inspection on the Jaguar.Your report was cheap insurance for buying a car that’s a 1000 miles from me. Even helped me negotiate the minor things getting done in the sale plus allowed me to get the price down a $1000. Your report is a bargain! Thanks again.

Darrel — Blacklick, OH

Your report was really good and worth every penny. I wish I had this idea – you have a really needed worthwhile service.

William — Toano, VA

Hello — please convey my appreciation to your inspector that completed the inspection for this car last night. I am really pleased with the outcome of the inspection, and now feel a whole lot better about purchasing a car at such a distance from me. I can’t wait to see it in person now! Many thanks for your service

David — Rogers, AR

Thanks so much for your help with the inspection process. Your customer service has been outstanding, and I am very pleased with the results of this inspection. Please pass this along to any supervisor or manager – they need to know how much your customers appreciate your outstanding service!

Jon — Portland, OR

I would just like to write a short note and say how pleased I am with the quality of the report that your company provided as part of a car inspection. Your employee that complied the report did a fantastic job and I am totally satisfied with your service.

Jim — Laurence Harbor, NJ

Dear CARCHEX, once again your inspector performed a great job. You have saved me from making a costly auto purchase. Thanks for being my eyes. Your service is worth every penny.

Kevin — Pascagoula, MS

Thank you for the quick and professional inspection. You inspired a lot of extra confidence in my purchase of a pre-owned vehicle that I could not inspect personally because it was located 200 miles away and I was on a tight schedule. Mr. Littlejohn was very thorough and professional and please pass a personal thank you on to him from me. Thanks again and I will recommend you to my friends.

Jim — Houston, TX

“I wanted to take the time to tell you how pleased I was with your inspection report. Without your report I would have purchased a truck in another state thinking it was a great deal, when in reality it was a disaster waiting to happen. Thank you for taking the time to do such a thorough job. I will definitely use your service in the future and recommend you to others!”

Norm — Cherry Hil, NJ

“I am quite pleased with the inspection services your firm had to offer and especially the turn around that you were able to provide (my report was available online within 7 hours of the order placement). I AM IMPRESSED!!!”

“Please send to me any survey or customer satisfaction indicator as I would like to impress upon prospective customers of your service that you are highly recommended.”

Bill — Fairfield, CT



“Thank you for coming through for me with my recent order. Time was of the essence and I stated that in the comments section. You had an inspector go out and do the inspection on Saturday morning! The same day the report was delivered to me! I am flying out Monday to pick up the car, so if I had received the report on Monday, it would have been too late. You have a VERY fast turnaround time and I am very impressed with your service. I am selling a car on eBay myself at this moment and included a link to your website in my auction. Once again, thank you for being such an excellent service.”

Norman — Miami, FL