How to File a Claim

Filing a claim is easy for customers who have purchased CARCHEX Extended Vehicle Protection.

  1. Ensure contract holder's responsibilities have been met including adherence to proper maintenance guidelines in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations for your vehicle and as outlined in your service contract. You must maintain records and receipts of all maintenance and repairs performed on the vehicle.

  2. Take your vehicle to any licensed repair facility and provide them with your Service Provider's name, claims phone number, and your contract number as listed on your ID cards and contract. If your vehicle is inoperable or has over heated, DO NOT continue to operate the vehicle as this will likely cause further damage. You may contact the roadside assistance number located within your service contract.

  3. The repair facility must contact the Administrator specified in the service contract and all claims must be approved prior to the commencement of repairs. The Administrator will work directly with the repair facility to process the claim. Occasionally an adjuster will be sent to the vehicle to validate cause of failure. Once a claim is authorized, payment will be made directly to the repair facility.

Important Note: Pre-existing conditions or modifications to the vehicle are excluded from the coverage of this program and could result in voiding of the contract. Approved labor rates may vary by region.