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19Nov, 2016

Common Repair Problems And Warranty For Nissan Altima

The Nissan Altima offers stylish looks and sporty handling all in an affordable package. Most Altima owners are in love with their vehicles, Still, even the typically reliable Altima can sometimes have mechanical problems. Let’s look at some Nissan Altima […]

15Sep, 2016

Acura Extended Auto Warranty & RDX Repair Problems

The Acura RDX is a powerful, efficient crossover vehicle with bold styling. It’s no wonder that many RDX owners love their vehicle so much. Still, even this robust automobile can experience mechanical failures from time to time. Let’s look at […]

17Jun, 2016

Kia Extended Auto Warranty & Soul Repair Problems

The Kia Soul has plenty of exterior personality, and the inside is built solid too. Soul owners love their cars, but every car can break down on occasion. Let’s look at some Kia Soul breakdowns and their associated costs.

A […]

21May, 2016

Fiat Extended Auto Warranty & Common 500 Repair Problems

The Italian Fiat 500 has been reborn. Upon reaching the US, the stylish hatchback won the hearts of many enthusiasts and owners alike. Still, even the 500 can have a breakdown. Let’s take a look at some potential Fiat 500 […]

9Apr, 2016

Nissan Extended Car Warranty & Leaf Repair Problems

The Nissan Leaf is a technological and ecological marvel. Plus, the Leaf’s modern styling makes it a standout among electric car competitors. But any vehicle can have mechanical problems, and the Leaf is no exception. Let’s take a look at […]

15Mar, 2016

Toyota Extended Auto Warranty & Common Prius Repair Problems

The Toyota Prius is a technology packed road machine. The full-hybrid electric car continues to set the standard in its vehicle class. But even the legendary Prius can have mechanical problems at some point. Let’s look at some common Prius […]

15Feb, 2016

Porsche Extended Car Warranty & Common Cayenne Repair Problems

For many, the Porsche Cayenne is the best of all worlds. World class sports car engineering in a crossover vehicle – who could want more? But even the legendary Porsche brand isn’t immune to mechanical failure. Let’s look at some […]

5Feb, 2016

Extended Chevy Auto Warranty & Common Camaro Repair Problems

The Chevy Camaro is one of the most iconic American cars ever. From Fast & Furious to Transformers, the Camaro continuously captures the attention of car culture. But even the mighty Camaro can have mechanical problems sometimes. Let’s look at […]

23Jan, 2016

Extended Ford Car Warranty & Common Mustang Repair Problems

The Ford Mustang is one of the most respected vehicles on the road. Famous for its powerful engine and muscular looks, the Mustang legend continues to run strong. But every car eventually has some mechanical problems. Let’s look at some […]

16Jan, 2016

Extended Dodge Auto Warranty & Common Ram 1500 Repair Problems

The Dodge Ram 1500 is built for hard work. This full-sized pick-up can handle heavy loads and looks great doing it. But every vehicle can have mechanical problems at some time. Let’s look at some common Ram 1500 breakdowns and […]

23Dec, 2015

Chevrolet Extended Warranty & Common Silverado Repair Problems

The Chevy Silverado is a full sized pickup truck for full sized jobs. No job is too big or too tough for this truck that has served workplace and home for over 15 years. No matter how sturdy a vehicle […]

16Dec, 2015

Extended Volvo Warranty & Common XC60 Repair Problems

The Volvo brand transmits prestige, safety, and reliability. But sometimes, even a Volvo can break down. Let’s look at some common Volvo XC60 repair problems and their associated costs.

An extended Volvo warranty pays for costly repairs. Sign up for a […]

30Nov, 2015

Extended Mazda Warranty & Common CX-3 Problems

Mazda is known for producing fun, well performing vehicles for a reasonable price. The Mazda CX-3, with its taut handling and bold styling, continues to uphold the brand’s reputation. But every vehicle can have mechanical problems at some time. Let’s […]

7Nov, 2015

Extended Audi Warranty & Common A4 Repair Problems

The Audi name conjures up all kinds of concepts. Power, prestige, and fine engineering to name a few. Nevertheless, every car can have a mechanical problem at some time. Let’s take a look at the most common Audi A4 repair […]

19Oct, 2015

Nissan Extended Warranty & Common Maxima Repair Problems

The Nissan Maxima sedan has established itself as one of the most popular vehicles in the industry. The stylish looks, robust engine, and precise finish have made Maxima owners happy time and time again. Like any vehicle, however, the Maxima […]

8Oct, 2015

Extended Subaru Warranty & Common Legacy Sedan Problems

Subaru sales have recently been surging and for good reason. The brand has a great track record, and Subaru vehicles are known for being responsive and user friendly. However, every vehicle at one time or another will experience mechanical problems. […]

15Sep, 2015

Lexus Extended Warranty & Common RX SUV Problems

The Lexus RX is one of the most popular luxury SUVs on the market. The stylish looks, superb handling, roomy interior, and high tech features make the RX the go-to vehicle for those who want a bit more comfort and […]

15Sep, 2015

Mercedes Extended Warranty & Common C-Class Problems

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is one of the German automaker’s most popular lines of cars. The precise engineering and high quality make this legendary automobile a favorite among luxury car enthusiasts. Any vehicle, however, is vulnerable to eventual mechanical breakdown. Let’s […]

15Sep, 2015

BMW Extended Warranty & Common 328i Problems

The BMW 3 Series is perennially one of the best driving machines produced. Highly responsive and with robust acceleration, the 328i is always near the top of any car lover’s list. But like any vehicle, breakdowns happen. Let’s take a […]