Prevent Further Damage by Taking Immediate Action

If the vehicle requires towing, please contact the Roadside Assistance number listed on your contract.

Take the Vehicle to the Repair Facility of Your Choice

CARCHEX Vehicle Protection Plans are accepted at any licensed repair facility nationwide. Learn how to find a repair facility or ASE certified mechanic.

Authorize the Repair Facility to Diagnose the Vehicle

Have Repair Facility Contact Claims Department and Receive Approval

The repair facility will receive an authorization number for the covered auto warranty repairs. Authorization must be obtained prior to completing the repair. Payment to the shop will be provided via credit card upon completion of the repair.

Pay Applicable Deductible and Pick Up Vehicle

Claims Administrator If Your Contract Starts With Claims Phone Number
Administration Plus OCC 1-800-871-0467
Alpha Warranty Services 522 1-800-662-5519
American Guardian Warranty Services SDR1 1-800-579-2233
Assurant Solution 801, 802 1-866-305-4276
Century Warranty Services B001 1-866-732-8503
Enterprise Financial Group 9005 1-800-527-1984
National Administration Services Co. BAA 1-877-356-1500
Old Republic CCTS 1-800-354-3953
Royal Administration Services 137, 491, 611, 642, 734, 820, RAD, SAD 1-800-871-0467
Vemeco/Warrantech 149, 125, 930 1-800-723-5475