Get in-depth auto warranty information and answers to all your questions here. Whether you decide to buy a CARCHEX Extended Vehicle Protection plan or not, we feel it is our job to inform you the consumer about buying the best protection for your automobile. As a car owner you should find the best Extended Vehicle Protection Plans (or used car warranties) at the best price…and accept nothing less!

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The terms Used Car Warranty and Extended Auto Warranty are somewhat misnomers. A “warranty” comes with a vehicle purchase, is included in the original vehicle price and provides specified coverage for the repair of the vehicle within a given period of time. Manufacturers do not provide an extension of these warranty terms. However, car dealers and companies like CARCHEX sell vehicle service contracts or Extended Vehicle Protection plans which are similar in nature to the manufacturer’s warranty in that they cover repair costs for specific components of the vehicle after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Although the terms Used Car Warranty and Extended Warranty are inaccurate phrases, we recognize that most consumers commonly use these terms so may find them used within the CARCHEX website. Bottom line, after the manufacturer’s warranty expires on your vehicle, you have nothing to protect yourself from expensive vehicle repairs, unless of course you have Extended Vehicle Protection.

CARCHEX’s Extended Vehicle Protection Plans assures that all covered parts, labor, and sales tax (if specified in the extended warranty) required for replacement or repair of covered parts in your vehicle will be paid on your behalf by the administrator of your Extended Vehicle Protection.

Your automobile is most likely your second largest investment that you use on a day to day basis and repair costs only increase over its use. A CARCHEX Extended Vehicle Protection Plan (sometimes referred to as an Extended Car Warranty) will ensure that your vehicle is always in the best mechanical condition and can help you avoid expensive repair bills.

CARCHEX has been helping protect consumers from automotive expenses for over 24 years. As one of the first companies to make vehicle protection protects available online, it is one of very few Extended Vehicle Protection companies who have earned accreditation and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). CARCHEX has held partnerships some of the largest and most reputable providers and administrators to bring the most comprehensive products directly to the consumer.

CARCHEX takes a very different approach than many used car warranty companies when offering our Extended Vehicle Protection Plans. Ours approach is consultative without any strong arm sales tactics involved. Our brand promise is “Customer Experience Above All” and that promise is ingrained in the culture of our company. Each employee will do their best to deliver the finest customer experience possible.

Our product is different as well; CARCHEX has really done the homework for you. We have shopped and researched the market for the best and highest rated Extended Vehicle Protection (extended car warranty) providers. In one call a CARCHEX Protection Specialist will present you with the best Extended Vehicle Protection Plans (extended car warranties) at the lowest possible price.

Extended Vehicle Protection Plans cost less the earlier you buy them. The cost for a good extended warranty plan rises as your vehicle ages and accrues mileage.

Benefits include 24/7 roadside assistance, towing benefits, and rental car options on qualified repairs. Our plans are customizable, allow you to choose  a repair location and can be paid with an affordable payment plan (with no credit check). Check out our vehicle protection plan coverage options and packages.

With an Extended Vehicle Protection Plan, you may use the authorized repair facility of your choice (dealer, national chain, local mechanic) and your covered claims are paid quickly and efficiently over the phone via a corporate credit card. Simply allow the repair facility to contact the claims administrator and covered repairs are paid directly. The customer is responsible for a small deductible for repair visit

You can take your vehicle to any licensed repair facility in your area. Click here for an ASE service center locator. You may take it in for repairs at any licensed repair facility, such as your original dealer, your favorite repair shop, or any national chain that performs vehicle repairs such as Pep Boys, Goodyear, or Firestone

Absolutely, CARCHEX Extended Vehicle Protection Plans are fully transferable for a fee (usually $50). The $50 transfer fee ($40 for Florida residents) will be more than made up if you elect to sell your vehicle. Extended Vehicle Protection (also known as a used car extended warranty) can greatly increase the resale value of your vehicle should you ever choose to sell it.

The goal of buying an Extended Vehicle Protection Plan is to get the most competitive price and have coverage on the parts that you might need fixed. Chances are, the cheaper the Extended Vehicle Protection Plan, the fewer parts it covers. The expertise we share with you provides the best total value in extended car warranties.

The bottom line is that in most cases a lower price means less coverage, a lower labor rate, and lots of fine print.

You can buy an Extended Warranty through your car dealer, but expect to pay more for similar coverage you get with CARCHEX. How do we know? We are direct marketers of the very same Extended Vehicle Protection Plans being sold through dealerships and offer some of the most competitive prices in the country.

Feel free to get a quote from your local dealer and compare it our Extended Vehicle Protection Plans. Just remember to compare coverages closely. If you have any questions, you can chat with a vehicle protection specialist for details.

You pay the deductible on an Extended Vehicle Protection Plan directly to the repair facility. Each repair visit will require one deductible payment.

Some of the money you pay CARCHEX goes into the provider’s “claims reserve account.” These accounts are fully insured by highly rated carriers based upon A.M. Best Ratings. These accounts are strictly designated to pay future claims.
Your VIN, or Vehicle Identification Number, is located in several areas and is your car’s unique identifying number. To find your VIN, check the following areas:

  • On the vehicle’s registration card
  • On a sticker inside the driver side door
  • On the driver’s side dashboard of your car
  • On the title to your vehicle
  • On your insurance card

Your contract will have all the exact details of your vehicle protection. At CARCHEX, our Extended Vehicle Protection Plan specialists work to inform you of all aspects of our plans. We even provide digital coverage documents to show you all the covered parts of each plan.

By purchasing an Extended Vehicle Protection Plan from CARCHEX, you can reduce your unexpected out of pocket expense on automobile repairs.

After you purchase an Extended Vehicle Protection Plan, you must continue to maintain your vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

In the event of a mechanical breakdown, you call your pre-assigned toll free number provided for claims support. Take your car to the licensed repair facility and have them call the claims administrator to get the final claim authorized. Once the claim is approved, the repair shop will repair or replace the broken part(s) and the repair bill will be immediately paid with a corporate credit card. You will be required to pay your deductible directly to the repair facility (if applicable).

In the event of a breakdown while on the road, just call the number on the back of your roadside assistance card for 24 Hour Emergency Assistance.

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CARCHEX has coverage options for many of the latest electric vehicles from manufacturers such as Tesla, Toyota, Hyundai, Volvo, Ford, General Motors, and Kia

Yes, CARCHEX has coverage options that provide protection for rideshare vehicles

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