As car manufacturers begin to introduce the new year model cars, people are always left wondering when is the best time to buy and how can I get the best deal? To find out how to get the most for your money, read these seven tips about model year-end car buying.

Start Online – Before buyers enter the dealership, they should thoroughly research the car they want online. Visit car-buying sites like, as well as the car manufacturer’s site, to find and compare prices.

Time the purchase right – Buyers who are looking mainly for value and less about the model, may want to consider waiting to shop until later in the season when dealers are more desperate to get rid of inventory.

Consider high-end cars – Industry analysts say dealers are offering more incentives on luxury cars, but buyers should only buy a model that fits into their budget.

Buy into low-interest financing deals – Many low-interest loans and financing options can save buyers more money in the long-run than cash-back offers, though consumers should be aware to read the fine print on the offers.

Call ahead – Concerned shoppers should call ahead to make an appointment at the dealership and consider shopping earlier in the week and avoiding holiday weekends.

Watch for upcoming redesigns – Buyers should look for current car ads in newspapers and magazines, on TV and online to stay up-to-date on future model redesigns.

Make the switch – Auto manufacturers are increasingly offering conquest rebates, in which they pay buyers to switch brands.