Winter weather makes driving tough. Freezing temperatures and precipitation are recipes for disaster. Just look at this New York “ice car.”

But winter weather doesn’t always have to win. We’ve put together a list of life hacks that make winter weather driving more manageable. Some of these tips might sound crazy, but we challenge you to try them!

Use Hand Sanitizer to Unfreeze a Door Lock

If your car door freezes, drip some hand sanitizer onto your key. Hand sanitizers typically contain 60% alcohol, so the alcohol will successfully melt the ice. Make sure that your hand sanitizer isn’t alcohol-free before you try.

Some people will tell you to use a lighter to heat up your key in this situation. In reality, this will cause more harm than good. Check out the below video to find out why.

frozen lock

Cover Your Headlights with Toothpaste

Are your headlights dim on dark winter nights? Coat the outer glass of each headlight with toothpaste and then rinse it away with warm water. This will make your car’s headlights appear brighter to oncoming cars.

Buy Lots of Cat Litter

Cat litter is one of the greatest tools you can have on hand in the winter. Placing a 20-pound bag of cat litter in your trunk will give you extra weight to help prevent skids. You can also place a stocking or sock full of cat litter in your car overnight to prevent frost. The cat litter absorbs moisture and even eliminates car odors!

You can use cat litter to increase traction if you’re stuck in snow or ice. Cat litter is an excellent natural alternative that won’t harm pets.

Cover Side-View Mirrors with Ziploc Bags

Place gallon-sized plastic Ziploc bags over your side-view mirrors. Secure them with rubber bands and you’ll have clear mirrors when winter weather hits.

frozen winshield

Make a DIY Deicer

You can combine three parts vinegar and one part water to create a natural (and affordable) deicing agent. Fill a spray bottle with the mixture and squirt it onto your windshield and/or windows to clear the ice. You can also spread vinegar on the windshield the night to prevent icing.

DON’T Pour Hot Water on Your Windshield

Many believe that you can quickly clear ice by pouring hot water on your windshield. This can work if there is absolutely no crack in the glass, but if there is even the smallest crack your windshield will shatter. Patt Goss explains the reasoning behind this in the below video.

Use Pam to Keep Your Doors from Freezing Shut

Grab some Pam and paper towels from the kitchen and head out to your car. Spray down the edges of the door, rub it in with a paper towel and your doors will be virtually freeze-proof.

Find Some Old Socks

Socks can do more than keep your feet warm when winter weather hits. Place socks over your wiper blades to prevent them from freezing to the windshield overnight. You should also store a pair of old socks in your glove compartment. If you get stuck in a snowdrift, wear the socks over your shoes while pushing your car out. The socks will give your feet better traction.

Use these life hacks to avoid hacking through the ice this winter. As always, play it safe when it comes to driving in snow and ice!