“I’m a Chevy man.”

“Ford all the way!”

“I could always see myself in a Mercedes.”

We all have personal attachments to car companies. There is just something about a certain make or model that speaks to us. It could be the perceived rugged dependability of an American truck, the eco-friendly nature of a Japanese import, or the sophisticated styling of a high-end German luxury vehicle.

Pat Goss discusses why we feel so strongly about our cars and how to protect a vehicle to which you have such a personal connection.

So, if you’re a life-long Audi owner, or feel like it is the next car for you, make sure you keep in on the road with an Audi Extended Warranty from CARCHEX.

You have questions, Pat Goss has answers.

Am I imagining that a certain car brand fits my personality or is that just clever marketing that car companies do?

As cars have evolved, so has the marketing of them. Now, always marketing has been something that appeals to the buyer at some level as far as how it makes them feel or the enjoyment that they get out of their automobile. Take Audi for instance with their Quatro all-wheel drive system which gives traction and great handling and a lot of benefits. Very very popular car but, as we get into these fun to drive upscale cars it becomes a lot more important to have, in this case, an Audi extended warranty from CARCHEX.