Master Mechanic Pat Goss from TV’s MotorWeek has seen almost everything you can see when it comes to auto repair.

Engine melted? Seen it.

Water in the gas tank? Seen it.

Windshield washer fluid shooting inside the car? I don’t know if he’s seen that, but that would be pretty cool.

The following video is the first in a series of the bizarre and odd that we will bring to you. This is where Pat talks about the strangest car problems that have ever come through Goss’ Garage. And remember, if you have extended vehicle protection from CARCHEX, most of these wacky problems won’t cost more than a modest deductible.

Enjoy and beware!

Had one towed in a few weeks ago, wouldn’t go over thirty miles an hour. The fuel systems, it was like it wasn’t getting fuel. So we started doing some tests on it and so on. It made this loud moaning sound when you would step on the accelerator. So we started going into things and one of our first steps always, is to check the air filter. Well, come to find out, field mice had got up into the air filter housing, built this massive, great, big nest in there, and all of this nesting material had been sucked up into the air inlet for the engine, including a couple of the mice who were not too happy about it. Still alive but not happy. Cleaned it all away and dispatched the mice- well dispatched them into the field.