Using some of these old school techniques to deice your car could cost you hundreds of dollars. Here’s what you should (and shouldn’t) do to deice your car this winter.

Video Transcription
Alright, getting ice off a car can be really tricky. Now, back in the day when this car was new, you could do just about anything you wanted that wouldn’t damage the paint and you’d be okay, but on modern cars you have to be very, very careful. There are some chemicals that you can use that will thaw out locks and things like that and that’s what you want to use. See primarily it’s what you don’t do with a modern car. The lock is frozen, well back in the day you took a cigarette lighter and you heated the key – don’t do that with a modern key, because there’s a transponder inside that key which can be damaged from the heat and in many cases there are going to be electronics in the lock that could also be damaged. So, getting your lock unfrozen could cost you several hundred dollars if you do it old school.