Getting stuck in the snow can be frustrating, so if you need to clear the driveway or road quickly, next time try using kitty litter, salt, or sand.

Video Transcription
Alright kitty litter, sand, and salt; using them to gain traction. Well yeah they do work and they work quite well in some circumstances, but only if you’re stuck, they may help you get out, help you get out of the driveway or something like that, but they’re not going to help you out on the road once you’re moving. The big thing between these is that you have to carry them in the car. Salt is highly corrosive so you have to be extremely careful not to get any of it spilled inside the car because it will corrode the metal in the trunk of the car. Sand, well sand collects moisture so you have to be careful there, and so does kitty litter. But if you properly handle these and use them only under the right circumstances when you’re stuck, you might get unstuck.