No season is better suited for road tripping than fall. From New England to the Pacific coast, there are many opportunities to witness nature’s display of dazzling colors. Here are some tips found in an article from Travel Channel to make the most of your leaf-peeping road trip.

Where to go
New England is great for fall-foliage viewing. Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut have a wide display of eye-catching sights. But that doesn’t mean New England is the only spot in the country where you can enjoy autumn’s beautiful colors. The Mid-Atlantic holds the Catskill Mountains and the Finger Lakes region, and the southeast states with impressive foliage include Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Finally, in the Midwest, the trail around the Great Lakes from Ohio to Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota are ideal for leaf peepers.

Some of the best leaves can only be seen when you get off the major highways and head down the country roads. Here you can find leaf-covered bridges, local farm stands, pumpkin patches, and town festivals that celebrate the autumn season.

When to go
The specific dates vary slightly every year, but autumn begins in the northern states like Maine and Vermont in early September. As the month progresses, the colors move southbound and wind their way down south where the final colors fade away in early November.

Leaf-peeping is serious business in many states, which means you won’t be the only people on the roads. Crowds are at their highest on the weekends, making highways more. To avoid the madness, plan for a mid-week excursion.

Get the car ready
It is also important to prep your car before a road trip. Whether you do it yourself or go to a garage, pre-trip auto maintenance is key to a worry-free road trip. Remember to check the wiper blades, all fluid levels, belt and hose connections, tire pressure, turn signals, horn, and headlights.

Trunk 101: The following items should always be within easy reach when you pack: a tire iron, bottled water, fire extinguisher, and a first-aid kit.

Cellular Security: To stay in touch as well as handle unexpected events on the road, a cell phone is essential. Before leaving on your trip, find out about roaming fees and countrywide coverage.