Many extended auto warranty policies require that claims be filed by the customer’s repair facility. But what happens if your mechanic forgets to file a claim with CARCHEX? For cases like this, CARCHEX has a special department that customers can call to make sure that their claim is processed correctly.

Video Transcription
It is a requirement under warranties and the contract that a customer’s repair facility file a claim with the administrator, get the claim approved and then the claim paid. However, there are circumstances where that does not occur because the mechanic forgets or the repair facility forgets, it doesn’t go through the normal process. At that point the customer can call CARCHEX, we have a special department here set up to deal with claims and we will contact the administrator on behalf of the customer and typically in those scenarios the customer would have to pay out of pocket for those repairs and we can get a reimbursement check sent to the customer.