Since Spring is here, who doesn’t want to go on nice long drives and weekend trips?! The answer is anyone who doesn’t want to shell out the big bucks for gas. But don’t let high fuel prices stop you from enjoying your Spring and Summer. America’s trusted mechanic Pat Goss is here to share some tips that can increase your fuel economy by 30%.

Pat Goss’ Tips to Save on Gas

How do I get such great gas mileage? I don’t drive like an idiot, that’s how. See, you control gas mileage by a couple of things.

Proper Maintenance on the car, number one. Proper tire pressure, number two. Get all the junk out of the trunk or if you have an SUV out of the back of it. Unnecessary weight decreases fuel economy. But the big thing is your right foot. The harder you step on the accelerator the more fuel you are going to use. So if you learn to drive gently, really gentle on the accelerator, you can often increase fuel economy by 30% and that is substantial.