Are you having issues with the heat in your car? If your heat is not working properly, there are a number of things that could be the cause, so be sure to get it checked out right away.

Video Transcription:
All right, no heat in the car, lots of things that could cause that but one of the most typical ones is a bad thermostat. Back in the day, thermostats failed in the closed position and that meant the car over heated, and it often meant that there was damage to the car. Most thermostats these days though fail in the open position which means the engine doesn’t get hot enough to produce the heat that you need inside the car, so that’s number one. Number two, always make sure that the cooling system is actually full of coolant, not just the recovery bottle over on the side, but that there’s actually enough coolant in the radiator itself. Then come the more exotic things. If the heat comes and goes, then you may also see an accompanying fluctuation of the temperature gauge, and you want to immediately have a proper head gasket test performed. And of course there are other things with air blenders and things like that, but by and large the most typical things are going to be low coolant and bad thermostats.