Being conscious of how our everyday lives affect the environment is an important step towards protecting it. One of the most significant things we do in our everyday life that has a direct impact on the environment is driving. Our cars have a major impact on the environment and there are many things we can do to make our cars more eco-friendly.

Driving a hybrid car is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint but using battery power instead of fuel. However, you do not necessarily have to drive a hybrid car to be a “green driver”. There are a lot of other simple things you can do to make any car more eco-friendly.

Plan Ahead

By sharing rides, you can help cut down the number of cars on the road decreasing overall emissions. It is easy to carpool with others and there are several websites that help you find other commuters in your area to share rides with. Check out this website to help you find carpools in your area.

If your work schedule allows, plan your commute to peak avoid rush hour traffic. If you stagger your hours, you can spend less time stuck in traffic and use less fuel.

On the weekends, combine your trips by making one long trip instead of several smaller trips in one day. If you can, go to shopping areas where you can park your car and walk in between your destinations.

Car Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your vehicle is critical for reducing your car’s impact on the environment. Routine oil changes can help boost your fuel efficiency up to thirty percent. Keeping your tires properly inflated will help to reduce drag along the road, and driving smoothly reduces the engine’s effort and overall carbon emissions.

Don’t forget to change your air filter and fuel filters at regular intervals. This is important for keeping your engine running cleanly and smoothly. The cleaner your engine runs, the less emissions your car produces.

Be an Eco-Conscious Driver

Fuel consumption can go up by forty percent with sudden breaking and acceleration so try not to start and stop too frequently. Stay focused on the road so that you can more easily adjusting to changing traffic conditions. The smoother your driving is, the less fuel you will use.

Keep Your Car Clean

It’s easy to accumulate junk in your car as we all go about our busy daily lives. But, keeping the clutter to a minimum can actually  reduce the weight of your car. When your car is lighter, you will have better fuel efficiency. This means you will save gas and reduce overall emissions. So clean out your trunk!

When your needs a good cleaning, consider visiting an eco-friendly car wash or doing it yourself using environmentally friendly cleaning products. You can even try some of these “green” car washing tips.

Consider Your Options

If you’re in the market for a new car, consider the benefits of a hybrid car. If hybrids aren’t for you, check out the DOE website and the ACEEE website to help you pick a fuel-efficient car that meets your needs and is good for the environment.

All of these tips can make you a more eco-friendly driver. You do not necessarily have to own a hybrid to be a “green driver”. These simple tips can help reduce any driver’s carbon footprint and help the environment by reducing emissions from your car.