People associate sports cars not only with exhilaration and speed but also with dollar signs. Sports cars differ from other vehicles in weight, performance, and handling. Loaded with luxury features, sports cars are not only expensive to purchase, but expensive to maintain and repair as well. When it comes to sports cars like Porsche, replacing breaks, tires, and suspension can run up a pretty high tab. According to, the Porsche Boxter has an estimated 5-year repair cost of $2,386.

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Wondering about warranties? Pat Goss has answers.

Do sports cars, like Porsche, cost more to repair than luxury cars like Mercedes?

When you buy an expensive sports car you have to remember that the cost to pay really escalates. You see, high performance comes at a cost, not only initially, but in maintenance and repairs as the car ages. Things like breaks can be outrageously expensive, tires can be, suspension wear, engine wear; All of these things tend to be much more expensive on an exotic sports car.

So how do you protect yourself? Well, you protect yourself with a Porsche extended warranty from CARCHEX.