Spring cleaning usually refers to that time of the year where we roll up our sleeves to clean out and freshen up our home or office. To extend the life of your vehicle, you should try doing the same for your car. Here are some tips from How Stuff Works on spring cleaning for your car.

Get rid of the rubbish
Most vehicles need a really thorough interior cleaning at least once a year. Remove everything that doesn’t belong in your car such as extra winter coats, blankets, and garbage. Unused items can weigh the vehicle down, creating drag, low efficiency, and subsequently, greater emissions.

Vacuum and dust the interior
Once you have the extra junk out of the way, you can focus on the dirt and dust. Over time, most vehicles will have a certain amount of interior toxins which are emitted through its plastics, leather, and vinyl. These toxins often float around the vehicle and end up clinging to various points inside your vehicle, such as dashboard, windshield, seat, etc. To get rid of these toxins, you need to wipe down the surfaces in your car with a microfiber cloth. When you are done with all the top surfaces, take a vacuum and suck up all the dust and particles that have collected in the carpet over the winter.

Clean the windows
A dirty window can be a hazard because of the decreased visibility the dirt creates. You might notice in particular an oily residue on the front windows after using your defrosters all winter. Cleaning your windows correctly requires more than soap and water; you will need some type of cleaning solution. Also, remember to check the windshield wiper blades and fluid and replace them if necessary.

Wash the exterior
By the time spring finally rolls around, most cars need a good wash to get rid of all the road salt picked up over the winter. Road salts used to counteract ice and snow during the winter months can shorten the life of your car. Salt is corrosive and over time it can eat away the paint on your vehicle, lead to rusting problems on the frame, and even cause damage to the undercarriage.

Give the vehicle a tune-up
Many people get their vehicle serviced before the winter because it can be a particularly hard season on a car. But most people don’t know that the summer can be just as harsh. Heat can be a fierce enemy to any engine and the hot temperatures of summer can cause a lot of wear and tear. To make sure your vehicle is ready for the hot weather, make sure your air filter is clean, spark plugs are functioning properly, oil is changed, and that there is no excess material blocking air from gaining access through the radiator.

Follow these spring cleaning tips and you’ll be all set to enjoy the warm weather!