Even though it might not quite feel like it, Spring is finally, officially here! With the winter we’ve had, you–and your car–are probably ready for more than a change in season. If you’re thinking about switching up your ride this Spring, you’ll need to do a little Spring cleaning to get rid of all the salt, snow and grime. Here are our top tips for maximizing your car’s curb appeal and getting your car spruced up and ready to sell.

Spruce up the Exterior

The last thing a prospective buyer wants to see is a dirty car, so make a strong first impression and keep the outside of your car sparkly clean. You can take a nice afternoon to scrub and wax it yourself or take it to a local detail shop to get it ready to sell. In addition to cleaning, make sure you have taken care of any scratches or dents to the body of your car. For smaller dings, this can be done cost-efficiently at home with a touch up kit and dent removal kit. If you have larger body damage, you want to have it taken care of by a professional.

Clean the Interior

Think about how a potential buyer will feel when they slide into the driver’s seat. To ensure this is a good experience for them, make sure your car is free of any junk, dirt, or odors. Start off by removing any clutter from your car’s glove box, trunk, and other storage spaces. After removing any personal items, vacuum the carpet and seats, making sure they are all free of crumbs and other dirt. You’ll also want to wipe down the dash, center console and other hard surfaces. Once the car is cleaned, make sure there aren’t any odors that might be off-putting to the potential buyer. Removal of odors can be a real challenge, but spraying an odor eliminator throughout the car as well as into the vents can help. After you spray, run the air conditioning system to help air out the car.

Check the Tires

With your best outfit, you need the perfect shoes. The same logic is true for your car. Once you’ve shined up the interior and exterior of your car, you’ll want to make sure your tires match. Worn-out or half-deflated tires will not do. New tires don’t come cheap, so prospective buyers will be looking to make sure your car’s tires are in good shape so that they won’t need an extra purchase after buying your car.

Ensure All Lights are Working

Before showing your car, make sure that all of the headlights, brake lights, and turn signals are in proper working condition. If not, the potential car buyer could be easily turned off by thinking that a malfunctioning light is a small sign of more significant problems with the car. Lights are quick and cheap fix to avoid this pitfall, so make sure you check each and every one.

Organize Service Paper Work

Any car buyer is going to want reassurance that the car has been properly maintained. Having your stack of receipts and paper work showing the essential car maintenance has been performed for the potential buyer to look at is exactly the assurance they need. These receipts should include services and equipment purchases such as tire rotation, oil changes, brake pads, and air filters, as well as any repairs made to fix any damages your car sustained during your ownership of the vehicle.

Perform Necessary Repairs

Used-car buyers want to spend as little as possible after purchasing your car, so make sure any necessary repairs are fixed  before you put your car up for sale. Minor repairs such as replacing missing items or fixing broken ones are simple and indicate that your car has been well-maintained. Be careful when making major repairs, though. You’ll want to make sure that you’ll be able to recoup the amount of money you spend when you sell.

Even if you are very good with keeping up your regular car maintenance, it is important to remember these tips to polish your offering when getting ready to sell your car. Good luck, and remember that even these little changes will make a big difference!