As summer winds down during the month of August, many families are gearing up for their summer vacation. Recently, our Consumer Auto Advocate shared summer driving tips with Fox 45 in Baltimore. Check out the video to learn how you should prepare for your summer road trip!

Mary: Oh, let’s hope you don’t need any of those this summer, right? We’re looking at jumper cables and we are talking about road trips. Of course August is a very big month for summer vacations for those road trips. If you have been putting off the preparation for your vehicle, for instance for that road trip, now is the time before you head out on the road. Before that emergency comes up, for instance. So Owen Murray is here with us this morning to talk about all the things you need to stock the car with, all the things you need to know before you set out on the road. You’re here from CARCHEX, so where should we start? Talk about prepping your car or all the items you brought with you today? It’s a good list!

Owen: Well first and foremost, you should always start with prepping your car. That is vital. It’s great taking it to a certified mechanic to have all the most important things looked at starting with your headlights, engine, wiper blades, tire pressure. Especially the spare – a lot of people forget about their spare tire, so make sure your spare tire has the proper air pressure as well. And of course prepping for your trip with the most important emergency roadside stuff. So, you have here your jumper box just in case you’re alone on the roadways. You have the jumper cables…

Mary: Great, so you don’t have to rely on someone else.

Owen: Exactly. It also has a charging socket as well, so you can plug your cell phone right into it.

Mary: Hey, fantastic! Anything that does double duty we’re on board for.

Owen: Exactly. First aid kit, side of road safety jacket. This is just as important as well. You can also use this – this is a tire pressure gauge. So, it also takes the tire pressure to tell you the actual pressure itself. It also blows up the tire, and you can use it for your family to blow up a raft and/or beach ball.

Mary: Again, another triple duty item this morning! Fantastic.

Owen: Also, some food and things in case you get stranded on the roads. For a bottle of water, you should have at least a gallon for each person that’s in your vehicle for sanitary purposes.

Mary: We always hear about folks getting stranded and not having enough to eat and drink. So, drinking most importantly.

Owen: Flashlight, most importantly. If you’re out at nighttime, you definitely want to be able to see. Jumper cables, just in case. Have an extra just in case.

Mary: An extra set, sure.

Owen: And maybe a tow rope or some duct tape to do some minor repairs on the side of the road if anything happens to you. You know it’s very important – especially nowadays – with six out of ten families traveling over 50 miles this summer for a trip, so we’re seeing an influx of traffic. So, you want to make sure to stay alert, stay off your phone. No cell phones, no texting, no anxious children. So stay alert, stay aware. And there is also a lot of traffic in the summer months due to…

Mary: Those cone zones.

Owen: Exactly, exactly.

Mary: You gotta watch out for them and keep your speed down. And yes, absolutely. Some great information, hopefully we’ve planted a seed for you this morning if you’re headed out on that road trip. Really important to do these things before you jump on the road and realize you forgot. We’ll post all the information for you. Owen, thanks so much for being here this morning.