Is your car showing signs that it is in need of a tire rotation? If so, your tires might already be damaged. In this video, Pat Goss explains how proper tire rotation can double or triple the life of your tires.

Video Transcription
Alright, what signs tell you that you need a tire rotation? Well, if you want to wait until you have signs that you need them, it’s going to be too late. See tire rotation is one of those things that has to be proactive, if you wait until the tires are damaged to do the rotation, well the tires are already damaged. So, you rotate the tires every 7,500 miles or less, you never go beyond 7,500 miles. Now, for all tires except directionals, you want to do what’s called a modified X rotation. Now on a modified x rotation for a front wheel drive car, what you would do is you would take the right rear and put it to the left front, the left rear to the right front, then the right front to the right rear, and the left front to the left rear. And as you do this over time the tires will gradually move around the car and if you’re doing it properly you won’t need front end alignments and all this other stuff that goes along with it because the tires are never in one spot long enough to wear in to that position. Now, on directional tires typically all you can do is move from front to rear on the same side of the car, but by doing proper modified x rotations, you can double or triple the life expectancy of your tires.