The football season is finally here!Almost every weekend from now until spring, stadium parking lots across the U.S. will be playing host to tailgating parties. From big screens to bigger grills, tailgates are witness to some of the wildest people and gadgets.

Whether you’re a Raven or a Steeler, a Tiger or a Trojan, here are our top gadgets to help you up your tailgating game this season!


The Coleman Road Trip LX Grill

It’s not a tailgate if you don’t have beer, and food. The Blacktop Party Hub 360 Grill-Fryer deals with the food portion.

The Coleman RoadTrip LX grill is very portable, easy to store and clean with an easy and simple ignition.

Time to get grilling!
Price: $299.89


InstaGate is simply a tailgate in a box. It features a grill as well as grilling tools, bottle openers, cups, plates.

The InstaGate also doubles as a cooler and a beer pong table!
Price: $40


Ever had an undercooked burger or a really well done dog? Make sure this doesn’t happen at your tailgate party with iGrill. This great thermometer comes with an iPhone app so you can make a perfect burger without laboring over the grill.
Price: $80


Don’t forget that there’s a game on too! No longer a fancy of the rich and famous, Hitch-n-View allows you to hitch a TV to your car or truck for less than $100 – meaning you’ll never miss a minute of the game.
Price: $80

Electric Car Blanket

Football while starting in late summer continues through the winter months without a break. For those hardcore tailgaters who party through all weather conditions, the Electric Car Blanket may come of use. Powered by your car, it will bring you some warmth during a 40-degree day. Power
Price: $25

So if you want to be the Tom Brady of the Tailgate, add some of these gadgets to your arsenal. Have fun, be safe and don’t forget: if you’re drinking, don’t drive.

P.S. if money’s no object, check out the Freedom Grill FG-900. At almost $10,000, the Freedom Grill gives you a Department of Transport approved towable grill with six burners to entertain all of your tailgate friends!