Valentine’s Day is Saturday. Once again, we’re all scrambling to get the perfect gift for that special someone.

You could always go the traditional route with flowers, chocolates, stuffed animal and a romantic candle-lit dinner for two.

But what if your Valentine loves his/her car as much as they love you? We’ve put together a few Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the gearhead in your life. Enjoy!

valentine's day

Love Is in the Details

Valentine’s Day comes in the middle of winter, when most of us haven’t washed or vacuumed our cars in months. Why would we when it’s 20-degrees outside and there’s bound to be more salt on the roads next week?

Treat your gearhead to an all-inclusive car detailing session. We’re talking the Ultra-King-Deluxe package. Wash, wax, polish, retouching, vinyl, vacuum, leather, chrome, shampoo, mats, undercarriage, under the hood…you name it.

Make that car look downright desirable and sexy. How happy and confident will the driver be with the best looking car in the neighborhood?

Drive of a Lifetime

Is your Valentine a big racing fan? Do they marvel at the speed and power of NASCAR and wish that, if only for a day, they too could lean into turn four?

If so, check out one of the many different fantasy-driving options, such as the Richard Petty Driving Experience. They could learn from a crew chief how to master the track and then get behind the wheel of a 600hp stock car for 40 laps at some of NASCAR’s most legendary venues.

If they aren’t up for actually putting the pedal to the metal, you could send them for a ride-along and let the professional ferry them around the track at 160mph.

car pool table

Car Décor

Bring the power and style of your favorite vehicle inside your home. And no, we’re not talking about driving through the front door. There are many artistic options for automotive home décor.

There’s the engine block coffee table/wine rack. Mustang or Corvette pool tables. And don’t forget the classic…the car bed.

Popping the Question

If you’ve decided to make Valentine’s Day extra romantic and finally pop the question to your gearhead, why not go the extra mile and do it with a ring designed to look like a wheel?

You can find customized rings to fit your significant other’s car company preference. Are they a Ford or a Chevy person?

Or maybe they’re more of an import, German-driving machine type.

Whatever you decide to give for Valentine’s Day, just remember that flowers and chocolates will be gone in a week. Your car will be around for years to come.