While many of us prefer summer breezes to winter blizzards, extreme heat, humidity, and other summer weather can take a toll on your car. It is important to keep an emergency kit with items appropriate for the season in your car just in case. In this video, Pat Goss explains what you should always keep in that summer emergency kit.

Video Transcription
Well, during the summer you need many of the same things that you do during the winter. That is going to include an interchangeable blade screwdriver (they usually have 4 different sizes, they are very inexpensive), you want to have a pair of adjustable pliers, you want to have some wire cutters, some kind of a knife, and you want plastic electrical tape. Preferably also some duct tape, because that can solve a lot of problems, especially if you have some piece of the body that comes loose. In addition to that, mechanic’s wire, which is a soft wire that you can use to tie things in place like the exhaust system and so on. And above and beyond that, some emergency things for safety: Band-Aids, a first aid kit sort of arrangement, in case somebody gets hurt. Essentially that covers it, except for the number one thing you always want to have–and that is a fully charged cell phone, so that you can get help.