Since the auto bailout, there has been a lot of talk and worry about purchasing a car made in Detroit. Should consumers be worried about buying an car from a company that was on the verge of bankruptcy? Would the quality of GM’s or Chrysler’s suffer due to their restructuring?

Most importantly, if you bought a car from GMC, would your warranty still be valid? If GM went under, would they be able to still honor their warranty commitments? Pat Goss reveals if these fears are valid, even after some time has passed and GM seems to be getting back on its feet.

So, GMC fans, you have nothing to worry about. Once that factory warranty expires, however, make sure you protect your investment with an extended GMC warranty from CARCHEX.

You have questions, Pat Goss has answers.

I really like GMC’s but given their reputation and the recent auto bailout I’m worried about buying one. Should I be?

Should you be worried about buying a GMC? No way! They have exceptionally good quality. They’re well built vehicles, they’re very purposeful vehicles, very practical vehicles, but then you come up with the question with the bail out and all that. Is there an issue with the warranty? No, actually, there is no issue at all, but to be absolutely protected you might want to consider an extended GMC warranty, preferably from CARCHEX.